Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Bangladeshi to play Sheriff of Nottingham in stage adaptation of 'Robin Hood'

No, no, no. That's Omar Faruque Ansari, council president of the London borough of Camden, who was frog-marched out of his office and detained for four hours by London police this week. Apparently claiming disability benefits while performing a high-profile, well-paid job is very nisch-nisch. Badly done, Omar, badly done. You'll never compare to the Thomas Crown of benefit thieves, Little Britain's Andy.

Still, while he may be no good at robbing the suckers at social services, it's no matter, cause he's badass anyways: "Mr Ansari said his neck operation was for injuries he sustained as a 'freedom fighter' battling for the independence of Bangladesh against the Pakistani army in the Seventies. [He] claimed to have been in command of up to 300 men..." reports the London Evening Standard, which also quotes Ansari as stating, "When you are mayor of Camden, you are a very trusting figure." What does that mean?

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