Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tony Blair recall

All 1997-2007 models of British Prime Minister are being recalled due to extreme defectiveness, according to - hold on, that's not right... Here we are: Tony Blair is being recalled to the Iraq Inquiry, where he last week pulled an Edith Piaf. Problem was, it seems to me, he was entirely mistaken about the aim of the inquiry, placing a singular importance on Iran that was, as Vicky Pollard would say, well out of order. He invoked the country 58 times.

The jilted lover of George W. Bush will return in the next few weeks for what may be a more interesting appearance. The helmsmen of the inquiry should be fired up and focused and ready to make an actual fact-finding mission of what could so far be dubbed the No Shit, Sherlock Sessions with special guest Equivocatin' Tony Blair.

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